Monday, October 24, 2011

Boyfriends and cavemen

Jason: Did you have any boyfriends before Daddy?
Me: Why do you ask, Jason?
Jason: Because I just want to know. Come on, tell me! What were their names?

Sydney: How did the first person come? Was it a baby that was just there alone, or was it an adult, and did God make that first person?
Me: Well, we don't really know. The Bible says God created a man and a woman...
Sydney: Oh, so then they had babies, and those babies had babies, and it just went on and on...
Me: That's what the Bible says, but we think maybe tiny creatures in water evolved over time into things like fish, and some of them evolved into things that could breathe in water and on land, so they left the water. Then all kinds of other animals evolved into things like apes, and some of those apes evolved into early people kind of like cavemen, which had bigger foreheads and smaller brains than people today. But we think they evolved into the earliest people.
Sydney: Oh yeah, those were the guys that drew on cave walls!

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