Monday, April 18, 2011

Zombies and tongues

Jason: Can you dream or even think when you're dead?
Me: We don't know because...
Jason: [interrupting] That's right, because we're alive so we don't know what happens when you die. Babies know but when they get older they forget before they can tell anybody.
Me: Well, we...
Jason: [interrupting] But how would I tell you that I died? How would I talk to you [getting frustrated]
Me: Well, we...
Jason: [interrupting excitedly] That's right, we become undead zombies and then we rise up and talk. [maniacal laughter lasting awhile]
Me: No, that's definitely not what happens...

Sydney: How can we taste and talk with our tongues at the same time??
Me: Because our tongues have taste buds on them that work together with smell to let us taste foods. But the tongue is also a muscle, and the tongue touches different parts inside of your mouth when you make different sounds.
Sydney: Oh yeah! Like when I make a "T" sounds my tongue touches up here, cool!

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