Saturday, October 30, 2010

God and Halloween

Jason: Do you know what? It's dark now in the mornings because God makes it that way. God makes everything - the sky, clouds, rain, snow, sun, flowers, everything. God even makes the seasons change.

Sydney: Do spooky things come out when it's a full moon on Halloween? Like vampires, ghost and warewolves? Ethan told me that....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Scariness and Justin Bieber

Jason: Why do things have to be scary on Halloween? There is one house in Hood River decorated really creepy. I noticed it the other day.
Me: Halloween is fun because we try to scare people by dressing up and decorating in a scary way - it's fun because it's pretend. Does it bother you that Halloween is scary?
Jason: No - I love it! But how do the people who decorate their houses in scary ways not get creeped out?

Sydney: Justin Bieber - I like him and I like his music. That's a comment. [A few minutes later:] Mommy, why do girls like Justin Bieber?
Me: I don't know - why do you like Justin Bieber?
Sydney: Because I like his songs and I like his posters. Is Jason the only boy in the world who likes Justin Bieber?
Me: No, I am sure that there are others.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friends and neighbors

Jason: Do you know that whenever Lucas is writing a name in his journal at school, I know that it's my name - Jason - he's writing. Or maybe sometimes Keirnan's too. I know that because we are his two favorites. I like playing with my friends at recess, but when it gets rough I leave because I don't want to get into trouble. Today, we started chasing kids and asking if they were part of the kingdom. It was getting wild, so when we stopped to make plans I decided to get out. I left so I wouldn't get in trouble again.

Sydney: How come that man and lady were so nice today? I loved our nature walk, and I loved that the man and lady let us come pick their apples, squash and pears! They said we could come back whenever we want to get more. How come they were so nice? But we never did find the snail we were looking for...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Actors and earrings

Jason: What would happen if there were no actors? Would there be nothing on TV?
Me: Probably not.
Jason: That would be bad because then we couldn't watch TV anymore.
Me: That's right, actors are important.
Jason: Yes - do you know that I want to be an actor?
Me: Really? Cool.
Jason: Yes. Actually, no - I want to be a spy.

Sydney: Do I get to take my earrings out tomorrow?
Me: No, on Tuesday you get to take your earrings out and change them, because 8 weeks will have passed since you got your ears pierced.
Sydney: Yay! Can I buy a new pair?
Me: Maybe, as a special treat.