Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy girl, crazy day...

Jason: Mommy, did you ever run home from camp when you were a kid?

Sydney: What is a heart attack? I think I had one when I was running back from camp. I was shaking because I was alone and it was hard to breathe because I was running so fast. I had to slide down that hill and hold my hands in the air so that the cars could see me. I kept saying "it's ok, it's ok." I am scared I am going to dream about that tonight...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Storms, light and building

Jason: Why do people use candles when there is a storm? I saw that on Phineas and Ferb.
Me: Well, some times a storm is so powerful that it knocks out the power and there is no more electricity to the house, so there are no lights and you have to light a candle if you want to see anything.

Sydney: When people build houses, how do they get up so high to make windows and the roof and stuff? Do they use a jet pack, or maybe a blimp?
Me: They use ladders and special machines to get up high.
Sydney: At camp today I was kind of shy. I didn’t play with anyone, I just did my own thing.
Me: Did you want to play with other kids, or did you just feel like being alone?
Sydney: I wanted to be by my own (sic), but I also wanted to play with other kids.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

mosquitoes and badness

Jason: Do mosquitoes really drink your blood?! Do they just need a drop because they have such tiny tummies? I notice that I get bit my mosquitoes at camp when I am in the shady lunch area - I think tomorrow I will just eat in the sun.

Sydney: Why are people either bad or good?
Me: Most people are good, but they can sometimes do bad things. There aren't usually people who are all bad or all good.
Sydney: But I am always good, and Jason today be'd (sic) bad to me.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Buried treasure and God

Jason: Is there treasure buried underneath the Earth?
Me: Maybe, we don't know.
Jason: There is a treasure chest buried under an island, and I want it.
Me: What would you most want in the treasure chest?
Jason: Jewels!

Sydney: Was God alive a long time ago?
Me: God was always alive
Sydney: But you can't see God, right? Is he invisible?
Me: God is like love or happiness - you can't see it, but you feel it.
Sydney: And like air - you can't see it - but you breathe it
Me: Right
Sydney: Goodnight - God is sleeping right next to me, right?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monkeys, babies, and being a kid

Jason: In cold, snowy places are there monkeys?
Me: No - monkeys live in warm places, like jungles in Africa.
Jason: But, in the Tintin book there was a monkey in a cold snowy place.

Sydney: How do people know when they can read? When the first baby came, did she have no mommy or daddy to take care of her?
Me: There had to be a mommy or a daddy there, because you can't have a baby without a mommy and a daddy.
Sydney: Really - so adults come before kids? That's good. Were you nice when you were a little girl?
Me: Yes, I shared and played nicely. But sometimes I made mistakes and got into trouble.
Sydney: Did you know Daddy when you were a little girl?
Me: I met Daddy when I was a teenager - we were friends. We didn't get married until I was 27 and Daddy was 28.
Sydney: How old is Gianluca?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stars, birds and butterflies

Jason: Why do stars explode?
Eric: Some stars explode when they burn up all of their fuel. But the sun isn't big enough, so it'll never explode.
Jason: Do baby spiders come from eggs?
Eric: Yes, they do.

Sydney: Why are butterflies so fast? I really want to have one on my shoulder, because they are so beautiful. And why are birds so fast? I really want to have a bird on my shoulder, and a butterfly on my hand.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thorns and barbies

Jason: Why do roses have thorns?
Me: Some flowers and animals have prickles around them - like roses and hedhodges - to protect them from animals that want to eat them or hurt them.
Jason: But, then how do people get roses into vases with all those prickles around them?
Me: They probably use gloves and special very sharp scissors to cut the roses.
Jason: Oh wow (makes happy noise) - specially sharp scissors!

Sydney: Are Barbies alive? I know they're not, but I want them to be alive.
Me: You're right, Barbies are dolls, they are pretend.
Sydney: Are the men ones called Barbies too?
Me: No, they're called Ken dolls.
Sydney: Some day can I buy a Ken doll and have him marry my bride Barbie with the sparkling ring? She needs a man.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Whiskers, the sun and a missing boy

Jason: Do dogs have whiskers, because I thought only cats have whiskers? Why does Dad's grill have three things that get hot for you to cook on? Have you ever heard of a camp that gives the kids popsicles??

Sydney: Why is the sun so bright? Are they still looking for that little boy in Portland? Are they still looking in his school?

Friday, July 9, 2010

flower and hair

Jason: What's lavender?

Sydney: What's behind our hair?
Me: You mean under our hair? It's your scalp.
Sydney: And does it have a lot of holes all over it, to let hair grow?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Living in space and hearing on Earth

Jason: Are there houses in space where people live?
Me: Well, we don't know. But we do know that there is an International Space Station in space put there by America and other countries. Astronauts live there and can do scientific research there.
Jason: One - there's just one house in space - there must be more than that between here and Pluto! How did they put it there?
Me: They sent it up on a rocket, and then it just stayed there, orbiting

Sydney: How do ears hear things?
Rebecca: There are tiny nerves in you ear and special bones and cartilage. The sound comes into your ear, and your brain recognizes what you are hearing.
Sydney: We can't hear when we are asleep, right?
Eric: Your brain still hears because loud things can wake you up, biut you don;t know what you heard because you were asleep.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Hearts, fireworks and mermaids

Jason: Tomorrow, can we watch the movies of the fireworks that are on your camera?
Eric: Sure we can.
Jason: If you get shot with a bow and arrow in the heart do you die?
Eric: Maybe, if your heart gets damaged by anything you have to go to the hospital right away, because the heart is very important. It moves the blood through your body.
Jason: Is there a red side and a blue side of your heart?
Eric: No, but your blood needs air to be red, so if doesn't have blood it is blue. But if it goes through your lungs and gets air it turns red.

Sydney: Why were some guys still lighting fireworks by our house today?
Me: Probably because they had leftover fireworks from yesterday.
Sydney: Are mermaids alive?
Me: No, mermaids are pretend.
Sydney: But someone saw mermaids a long time ago. That's how we know about them.
Me: I don't think so - there are no mermaids in the ocean. They are imaginary.
Sydney: Aww...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Night lights, First Fridays, and fireworks

Jason: I just have a comment tonight, not a question. I think Anthony's Mom needs to put a nightlight in his room so that he can sleep better. If there is a nightlight in his room, then when he will see it and feel better and go to bed.

Sydney: Why does Hood River have "First Friday"? When is July 4th? Do they actually light the fireworks with fire? Can we really stay up late and watch them?
Me: "First Friday" is a chance to celebrate in Hood River on the first Friday of every month during the summer. You saw tonight that there was music, people dancing, and people could even go into shops and restaurants and sometimes taste samples. July 4th is the day after tomorrow. Yes, they light fireworks with matches. You can stay up late and watch the fireworks if you take a nap before that.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 4th, fireworks, and pictures

Jason: Is today July 1st? When is July 4th? What is July 4th?
Eric: It is a holiday where we celebrate America's birthday
Jason: Where is the party?
Eric: We celebrate it everywhere
Jason: Can we go to a party at someone's house?
Eric: We might go to Waterfront Park to see fireworks
Jason: If people get hit by fireworks, do they get burned up?
Eric: No, they do the fireworks over the river, so no one gets hurt

Sydney: Mommy, how can we see people and talk to them on the computer? How do cameras take pictures? How do different colors shoot out into the sky from fireworks?