Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coffee and canyons

Jason: Why did all the airplanes they tried to make in the old days not work? They were really bad designs.
Me: Because it took a long time for someone to design a plane that could actually fly safely.
Jason: Yeah, those brothers really couldn't make a good plane. What was the name of those brothers -- oh yeah, the Dutch Brothers.
Me: It is the Wright brothers who you are talking about, and they did build the first plane that actually worked. The Dutch Brothers is the name of the drive-through coffee place around the corner!

Sydney: You know that huge giant that stomped around and made the canyons and lakes and everything high up - way back back a long time ago?
Me: No, what giant are you talking about? Giants aren't real...
Sydney: No, Mommy, you are wrong - we learned all about it in social studies. It was a giant that existed before the dinosaurs. I saw a picture of it and I want to know how it was made.
Me: (silent, totally confused)

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