Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dogs and Gods

Jason: How did the first dog come?
Me: Dogs are related to wolves, just like cats are related to lions and tigers. So a long time ago there were wolves and people started bringing some of them in their houses to live. Little by little those dogs liked people and weren't wild anymore, and they became the earliest domestic dogs - dogs that live with people.
Jason: But how did the first wolf and wild dogs come?
Me: Good question...

Sydney: Why is God in our bellies?
Me: Why do you think God is in our bellies?
Sydney: Well, then what part of our body is God in?
Me: God is everywhere.
Sydney: Oh right, even in the air.

Monday, February 14, 2011

First people and Valentine's Day

Jason: The first person who came to this planet, how were they alive?
Me: Well, you know what Apes are right? Well there were apes, and then a group of them moved away and over a long time they learned how to cook and make fire and make sounds and pictures to let others know what they were thinking - they were cavemen. Those cavemen over time learned to speak and write and make more inventions and they became people.
Jason: Oh yeah, that makes sense! There was no first person, just cavemen!

Sydney: Why on Valentine's Day do we give out candies and other sweets?
Me: Because Valentine's day makes us think of our sweethearts and we want to give sweets and treats to our sweethearts.